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The Pspot's weekly music trivia continues on this page.  Each week, The Pspot will post at least one new advanced trivia question regarding Pspot related music (primarily garage, psychedelic, pop-sike, obscure pop & gum from 1964-1972). The questions will be directly from The Pspot or from original 60's band members who have supplied questions and answers related to the band or artists. Some will be illustrated, some will be multi-part, and others will even have a prize that will go to the first to answer correctly. The Pspot will leave ALL questions, answers and winners posted for future referral.


Only one answer per person per question is allowed.

And now, plug in your cerebral synapses and light up The Pspot Trivia page with your knowledge of music from THE BEST DECADE IN ROCK 'N ROLL!

The 1968 movie THE NAME OF THE GAME IS KILL! starring Jack Lord has the ace number "Shadows" by The Electric Prunes being played in the background.  During another scene where the song is "instrumentalized", what are the two band names mentioned by the actress prior to playing the cut on the record player?
Answers: The Musical Electric Chairs & Gas Chamber

Who was the first family rock and roll band?  The Cowsills?  Well, how about the band illustrated below?  This family band from the Palmetto State got its start in 1965, and released a 45 on the Richland Recording label in 1967.  Much more is to follow, but for now check out two of the band's promo pics.  The first is from 1967, and the second is from 1971.  Name the band and their 45 (A-side & B-side).
(Correct Mike Dreyer!)
Answers: Little Red And The Rocking Hoods
"Rock Pebbles Rock/Twist & Shout"

Name the Buckeye State 60's garage band below that formed their name from their manager and was unique in that they had a female lead guitarist.  She is actively recording today, and is considered one of the best female guitarists of the rock and roll era.  They released a killer 45 platter in early 1968, and one of the cuts can be temporarily heard in the 60's Aural Quiz folder within the Documents page as TriviaSong14
(Correct Joe!)
Answer:  The Es-Shades

Identify the band that had the longest name from the 60's.  Hint:  11 words (75 letters).
Answer: Walham Green East Wapping Carpet Cleaning Rodent And Boggit Extermination Association (UK)

What is the most "negative" song to hit the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in the 60's?  What is the 'runner-up'?  (Negative refers to the word 'no' sung or spoken in the song).  The most 'negative' uses the word 'no' over 100 times all under 2 1/2 minutes.  The runner-up uses the word  'no' 63 times in just over 2 minutes.
Answers:  "Nobody But Me" by The Human Beinz (1968),
runner-up: "Tell Her No" by The Zombies (1965)

The 60's band below made a 45 disc off the Kiderian label in 1968, and the same A-side title was on an acetate from the Rockford, IL based Mobie label that had the song "Sad Man's Madness" as its different titled B-side.  Name the band and the A-side killer cut.
Answers: The Mourning Dayze with "Fly My Paper Airplane"

What do the four movies below have in common?
1-Cop Land (1997) featuring Sylvester Stallone
"Can't Seem To Make To Mine"-The Seeds
2-The Big Lebowski (1998) feat. Jeff Bridges & John Goodman
"I Hate You"-The Monks
3-High Fidelity (2000) feat. John Cusack & Jack Black
"You're Gonna Miss Me"-Thirteenth Floor Elevators
4-Almost Famous (2000) feat. Kate Hudson & Billy Crudup
"Mr. Farmer"-The Seeds
Answers: "Nuggets" songs in the soundtrack and/or movie

The singer/songwriter from the Tar Heel State illustrated below wrote and sang two songs in particular (1962 & 1965) that were performed later (1964 & 1971) and made U.S. #14 and #1 hits by a band from Weybridge, Surrey, England and Portland, OR, respectively.  Name the individual, the two songs and the two bands.
(Correct Scott and Joe!)
Answers: John D. Loudermilk (Tobacco Road-The Nashville Teens & The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian-The Raiders)

The illustration below is from the front cover of a 1968 (Liberty Records) LP by a U.K. band.  Part of the backside liner notes read, "...Indeed, the whole world is seeking a diversion from the sobering reality of becoming one year older."  Name the LP, the band and member that became better known after the 60's.
(Scott Charbonneau nailed this one!)
Answers: The Birthday Party by The Idle Race (feat. Jeff Lynne-ELO)

The band featured for this week's prize trivia question (1/23/05) is shown in addition to the front cover of their second LP from 1971.   They became the first all-female rock act to win the opportunity to record a full-length album for a major recording company (5 total LPs). They formed in Los Angeles and recorded their first LP in 1969. The first person to correctly e-mail the band name, the title of the second LP that is pictured below the band photo, and the top 40 hit that was on that LP, will win a $20 BOMP! gift certificate from The PSPOT! Good luck.



Correct Scott Charbonneau and Joe Parker!  Scott has won a $20 BOMP! gift certificate from The PSPOT

Answers: FANNY, LP: Charity Ball, song: "Charity Ball"

Name the psychedelic written source where one would find this illustration. 
Correct Greg Watt!
Answer: "THE ACID TRIP-A Complete Guide To Psychedelic Music" (Vernon Joynson-1984)

Name the 60's Canadian garage band pictured below that made an ace 7" disc in 1966 off the RCA Victor label.  The title of the B-side was "One Way Ride"  In addition, what was the A-side cut title?
Answers: Gentle Touch  "Visitors Parking Only"

Name the Beaver State 60's garage band illustrated below whose clothing trademark were white turtle-neck sweaters and broad-striped pants.  They formed in 1965 and opened for The Rolling Stones in The Beaver State's most populous city during July 1966.  Their third single, released in March 1967 was a classic cut that should have been bigger (IMHO).  Name the band and their third (shouldda-been-a-hit) single.
Answers: The Live Five - "Move Over And Let Me Fly"
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